Author: Arkadiusz Mironko, PhD  University of California Riverside

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Below you may find TOC and sample chapter:

1.  Location Choice and Clustering of Foreign Subsidiaries on the Economic Sustainability and Competitiveness of the Host Regions
2. Heterogeneity of Economic Space: Introduction of the Problem
3. Local Strengths and Foreign Firms' Location Choice: the Research Design, Data and Methodology
4. Concentration of Foreign Firms in Poland based on Industrial Specialization and Country of Origin Criteria: the Results and Summary of the Evidence
5. The Results of the Analysis of Location Choices by Industry Leading Firms Investing in Poland on the Location Choices of Small and Medium Size Foreign Investors
6. Final Analysis of FDI Patterns Across Regions in Poland and Policy Recommendations
7. Afterword
8. Appendices

Sample Chapters