Authors: Thomas C. Lawton, Jonathan P. Doh and Tazeeb Rajwani

"The social and political environment of business is of increasing importance to firm success, and Aligning for Advantage is an important advancement, providing frameworks and guidance for nonmarket strategy formulation and its alignment with the market strategy of a firm. The book is well grounded in management and social science research and is wide-ranging in its scope yet specific to companies and industries operating in global markets." - David P. Baron, David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor of Political Economy and Strategy, Emeritus, Stanford University
In today's multipolar world economy, strategic alignment is a key determinant of competitive advantage. This important book:

  • Argues that to build and sustain corporate success, companies must synchronize business objectives and market positions with political and regulatory activism and social and environmental engagement.
  • Advances an argument and logic for aligning nonmarket and market strategies to deliver competitive advantage
  • Develops a conceptual framework and managerial process for designing and delivering successful nonmarket strategies

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