Foundations and Trends® in Strategic Management
NOW Publishers

The growth of research in strategic management has been especially rapid in the past decade. Submissions to journals have grown exponentially, and several new journals have been recently launched. Whereas research in strategic management had at one time been concentrated in North America and Europe, research from other continents, particularly Asia, has exploded. These developments are significantly improving our understanding of how firms compete, and are no doubt contributing to the world’s productivity.

Navigating through this larger archive of research, however, is becoming more difficult. It is not easy to know which articles are the most essential for becoming informed about various topics within strategic management. Moreover, very few journals in strategic management publish the kind of broad survey articles that are so valuable for guiding readers through a body of original research. This is the raison d’être for Foundations and Trends® in Strategic Management, a new journal being launched by NOW Publishers. The journal’s goal is to publish high quality survey articles whose length runs between 50-150 pages. Each journal issue comprises one such article. Published articles will not aim to make theoretical or empirical contributions to the strategic management literature, but rather will organize research on a topic in that literature, assess that research, and suggest fruitful questions for researchers to pursue in the future.

The editorial team is as follows:


Nicholas Argyres, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Editorial Board

Rajshree Agarwal, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland Joseph Mahoney, College of Business, University if Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Michael Lenox, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia Marvin Lieberman, Anderson School of Management, UCLA Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Harvard Business School Olav Sorenson, Yale School of Management Jesper Sorenson, Stanford School of Business Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD

Journal Scope

Foundations and Trends® in Strategic Management is open to any topic in, or theoretical approach to, strategic management. Of particular interest are articles that address topics relevant to the determinants of firm financial performance -- especially persistent performance differences between firms. Any topic or approach that sheds light on strategic management is considered to be within the journal’s scope. Topics for survey articles may fall into any of the many areas of strategy, which include (but are not limited to):

Competitive Strategy/Business Models
Corporate Strategy & Firm Boundaries
Corporate Governance
Strategy Process & Change
Strategic Decision-making
Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation Entrepreneurship & Strategy Multinational Strategy Industry Evolution Strategic Management of Human Capital Alliances & Networks Stakeholder Strategy Non-market strategy and more…

The journal is open to various theoretical approaches used to understand phenomena in strategic management, including (but not limited to) various branches of economics (e.g., industrial organization, organizational economics, behavioral economics, personnel economics); sociology (e.g., networks, social movements); psychology (e.g., cognitive, social); and organization theory (e.g., Carnegie School/organizational learning, NK models)

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Submission Information

Please e-mail a Word or .pdf file containing a one-page abstract and table of contents for your proposed article to Nicholas Argyres at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>. The editorial team may accept your proposal, reject it, or ask to you to revise it. If your proposal is accepted, you may submit a full article for editing by the editorial team. Our goal is to publish good quality surveys, but in a faster time frame than journals devoted to original research. For more information about submitting, and about the journal more generally, see the journal website.