The  Academy  of  Management  is  proud  to  announce  the  March issue  of  Academy  of  Management  Discoveries (AMD). The  mission  of  AMD is  to  promote  exploratory empirical research of  management  and  organizational  phenomena  that  our  theories  do  not  adequately  explain.  AMD  welcomes  studies    at    the   pre-theory    stage  of  knowledge  development,   where   it   is   premature   to   specify   hypotheses, as well as discoveries from meta-analytic, replication,   and   construct   validity   research.   This   research must be grounded in rigorous state-of-the-art methods, present strong and persuasive evidence, and offer   interesting   and   important   implications   for  
management theory and practice. AMD’s March issue includes these featured articles:

John Lyneis and John Sterman
How to Save a Leaky Ship: Capability Traps and the Failure of Win-Win Investments in Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Hayley German, Marion Fortin, and Daniel Read
Justice Judgments:  Individual Self-Insight  and  Between- and Within-Person Consistency

Julian  Birkinshaw,  Donal  Crilly,  Cyril  Bouquet,  and  Sun Young Lee
How Do Firms Manage Strategic Dualities?   A Process Perspective

Sara  Värlander,  Pamela  Hinds,  Bobbi  Thomason,  Brandi M. Pearce, and Heather Altman 
Enacting a Constellation of Logics: How Transferred Practices  Are  Recontextualized  in  a  Global  Organization

AMD’s innovative multimedia experience includes:
-Paper Commentaries
-Editors Comments about each article
-Media enhanced Abstract, Full-Text, and PDF pages
-Whiteboard Video Abstracts
-Author Voice Questions and Answers
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Spring, 2016