Editor: Malcolm McIntosh

The theory and practice of corporate citizenship and responsibility has many alternative perspectives from the business-as-usual gaze. The essays in this volume (Greenleaf Publishing, October 2015) encapsulate the essence of these alternative ideas and embrace the idea that the new methods of the next century may not lie in mainstream capitalist thinking. This volume features contributions and new analysis from Klaus M. Leisinger, Chris Laszlo, David Coopperrider, Simon Zadek and others.

This title is one of a two-volume set – a collection of seminal and thought-provoking essays, drawn from the Journal of Corporate Citizenship’s archive, accompanied by new analysis and reflection from the original authors. Written by some of the most widely recognized academic and business pioneers and leaders of the corporate responsibility and global sustainability movement, the volumes make essential reference texts for anyone interested in the radically awakening new global political economy.

The Journal of Corporate Citizenship was launched in 2001 by Founding Editor Malcolm McIntosh (former Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Griffith University and former Special Adviser to the UN Global Compact) and Greenleaf Publishing. Today, it continues to fulfil its mission to integrate theory and practice and provide a home for enlightened transdisciplinary thinking on the role of business and organizations in society.