The BPS Division gives the award annually in honor of the late Robert Litschert. To be eligible, papers must be authored by students only. Papers with one or more non-student co-authors are not considered. Doctoral students should note their paper’s eligibility for the 2013 award during the submission process.

2016 - Andy Wu (U.of Pennsylvania): "Organizational Decision-Making and Information: Angel Investments by Venture Capital Partners" 

2015 - Timothy Gubler (Washington U. in St.  Louis): "Social Affiliations and Performance of Experts in Organizations"

2014 - Yuchen Zhang (U. of Colorado, Boulder): "How Vertical Integration Affects Firm Innovation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence."

2013 - Seth Carnahan (U. of Maryland): "New Firm Creation Following Dissolution of Rival Organizations"

2012 - Philipp Meyer-Doyle (U. of Pennsylvania): "How Do Firms Become Good Acquirers? Managerial Learning and the Acquisition Capability of Firms"

2011 - Natalia Vuori & Timo Vuori (Aalto U.): “Mind the Way You Reflect: Causal Knowledge in Organizational Learning”

2010 - Majid Abdi (York U.): “Internationalization and Performance: Degree, Duration, and Scale of Operation”

2009 - Goce Andrevski (University of Kentucky): Competitive Strategy and Alliance Network Formation: Understanding the Origins of Network Positions.

2008 - Hans Frankort (U. of Maastricht): “Structural Holes, Technological Resources, and Innovation: A Study of an Interfirm R&D Network.”